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There’s a New Vegan Sneaker for Cannabis-Loving Consumers

Give Nat-2 “high” marks for its latest sneaker collection.

The German footwear brand seized on the momentum around all things related to weed culture for an inspired footwear collection that would make Bob Marley proud.

Like most Nat-2 sneaker designs, which have included shoes made from grass, stone, wood, coffee and even spoiled milk, the Cannabis Line is a high-end collection that is meant to make a statement as much as anything.

The brand said the collection is all about supporting continued research into the different materials that can be used to create vegan footwear. “Only industrial hemp plants are used. No drugs or THC included,” Nat-2 said in a statement. “The intention of using cannabis leaves is to show alternatives to animal ingredients and the wide range of possibilities in the use of hemp plants.”

Nat-2's cannabis sneakers
The Cannabis Line’s uppers are made from real cannabis leaves. Nat-2

The sneakers are 100 percent vegan, unisex and are produced using sustainably grown hemp, according to Nat-2. This is made most apparent on the uppers, which sport a likeness of the five-pronged cannabis leaf constructed with actual plant material. Nat-2 said that about 50 percent of the shoe’s surface, depending on the style, is covered in cannabis leaves.

Nat-2’s Cannabis Line leaves no stone unturned when it comes to featuring its natural origins—even down to that unique cannabis smell.

“The leaves vary in sizes and get applied to a natural eco-flax-layer and [have] the natural flower scent,” Nat-2 explained. “The feel is one of a kind, while you can see the material’s natural texture. No artificial substances are used. Every pair is naturally unique.”

The Cannabis Line also comes equipped with an authentic cork insole for padding and is glued together using water-based adhesive that foregoes the use of animal products. The anti-bacterial sneaker lining is produced from a bio-ceramic that Nat-2 said gives the shoe an “air-condition-like feel and function.”

The brand topped it off by adding its own flair to the style, infusing the design with reflective glass details, including the Nat-2 logo rendered on the outsole. The portion of the upper that is not made of plant material is constructed of a reflective, suede-like material made from recycled PET bottles that the brand said gives the sneakers both better visibility and a “techy” look.

According to Nat-2, the Cannabis Line is handmade in Italy and produced “under fair conditions in a new family-run, high-tech facility.” They retail for 399 euros ($439.69) on the brand’s website.