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Native Shoes Expands Algae-Based Footwear Line

After releasing the Jefferson Bloom in 2019 as the first-ever shoe to be made entirely of repurposed algae-infused ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), Native Shoes will add to the line with new styles and designs in May.

New colorways for the Jefferson Bloom, a new feminine style, and the Jefferson Bloom Child arrive in May, each “planet-friendly” and featherlight, Native Shoes said.

“As summer approaches, this eco-innovation has been extended with the launch of a host of new planet-friendly hues for the iconic Jefferson style,” Native Shoes said in a statement. “For the first time, Native Shoes has introduced Bloom technology into the ever-chic Audrey silhouette.

“The classic, feminine style boasts the same beloved flexible-form, sole-flattering and hand-washable design as its namesake, but now comes with added eco credentials courtesy of added Bloom content,” it added.

Native Shoes is expanding its landmark Bloom shoe line with new styles made from lightweight algae EVA.
The new Bloom collection will include the Audrey silhouette for the first time. Native Shoes

The EVA in the Bloom series is manufactured using Rise by Bloom technology, formerly known as Bloom Foam. The company behind the technology, Rise, manufactures this foam from an algae-blended resin. According to Rise, the resin features 45 percent renewable content and offsets “a significant portion” of the traditional EVA needed for footwear foam.

Producing footwear with Rise by Bloom may also help protect the environment, Native Shoes suggested. Each pair produced with the material cleans up 80 liters of water and 50 cubic meters of air, it said.

Native Shoes said it has also been working to pioneer new sustainable technologies in the field of 3D Rapid Liquid Printing in order to “push the boundaries” of plant-based designs.

Through its Live Lightly initiative, Native Shoes said it hopes to create an end-of-life solution for 100 percent of its shoes by 2023. Its Native Shoes Remix Project already helps to collect and recycle shoes to be used in the construction of Canadian playgrounds in Vancouver.

Starting May 4, the expanded Bloom collection will be available online, retailing between $45 and $55.