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This Start-Up Promises Affordable Bespoke Shoes Online

Harperwoods, a new start-up requesting backers on Kickstarter, is offering bespoke footwear through their e-commerce site that will let the consumer design their own shoes.

The company distinguishes itself by providing customers any array of customizable options in a “Virtual Design Studio.” In the studio, consumers select colors, materials and designs to create their own personal product. According to Harperwoods, consumers will have the option of nearly 7 billion possible combinations to choose from.

With prices expected to be around $200 at launch, Harperwood aims to provide luxury service at a fraction of the price thanks to their made-to-order production, reducing much of the overhead of typical footwear brands.

“Top fashion houses employ Indian craftsman, but these artisans never get their due,” said Co-Founder Soham Rastogi. “Through Harperwoods we bring them into focus and also demonstrate that technology can help revive and nurture traditions while ensuring ecologically conscious fashion.”

At launch, Harperwoods will have five silhouettes for men and three styles for women to customize, including loafers, oxfords, sandals and boots.

As of Thursday Harperwoods has met and exceeded their Kickstarter goal of $20,000, currently raising $26,646. The fundraising will continue until Jan. 3.