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Nike Taps Flex to Speed Up Supply Chain Innovations

Nike announced a partnership with Flex, a global supply chain solutions company, with the purpose to accelerate innovation in its supply chain. Together, the companies will work toward advancements that enables product to reach consumers faster with customized components and better performance.

The partnership is the latest investment Nike has made to develop new methods of manufacturing such as its popular Flyknit.

With Flex, Nike will be bring new capabilities and expertise outside the existing footwear industry to create new systems for making product. A phased approach to testing, developing and creating new methods of production will enable both companies to develop an eco-system of suppliers and vendors to support long-term, sustainable manufacturing closer to major markets.

Nike is currently working with Flex at its innovation campus testing potentially game-changing technology. Flex will also be undertaking a product customization program near Nike’s Memphis, Tenn. Distribution center.

“Flex’s proven expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing in industries like automotive, medical and consumer electronics make them a perfect partner to help us revolutionize footwear manufacturing,” said Nike COO Eric Sprunk. “Together, the future of personalized, rapidly-delivered product that is made more efficiently and with less waste is well underway.”