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Nike’s Top 2 in Searches and Resale

A Rakuten survey of the sportswear brands most searched for online pegged Nike at No. 1 with 6.6 million searches per month with Lululemon not far behind with 5.73 million. Adidas was third with 2.555 million searches, New Balance, the oldest company in the search dating back to 1906, was fourth at 1.64 million and Under Armour was fifth at 1.15 million.

Utah was found to be the state that most Googled Nike with Minnesota favoring Lululemon. New York was the hottest spot for Adidas and the Empire State was deemed most interested by the online marketplace’s survey, followed by Mississippi and Kansas. Montana and Vermont generated the lowest number of searches.

The top 10 was rounded out by Gap Inc.’s Athleta, sixth with 1.05 million, Converse seventh at 1.01 million, Patagonia No. 8 at 937,000, Gymshark ninth at 902,000 and Fabletics rounding out the top 10 at 882,000.

Nike’s also top of mind when it comes to secondhand, too.

In a study released last month by internet marketing firm Savoo focused on European fashion resale, Nike finished second only to Spanish fast fashion giant Zara for the most listed items on popular secondhand sites.

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Zara was most popular on Depop with 439,696 of its 670,616 listings devoted to the social e-commerce site with Nike second at 610,141 listings. Nike’s 210,000 eBay listings were topped only by Victoria’s Secret, fifth overall, with 340,000 listings on the online auction site.

Adidas was again third with 467,025 listings and its 8,076 items listed on the Asos marketplace was the high for the top 10.

H&M was just ahead of Victoria’s Secret in fourth, Asos was sixth, Levi’s seventh, Louis Vuitton eighth, Gucci ninth and Chanel 10th.

Savoo found Finland to be the Europe’s best country for sustainable shoppers, which was not much of a surprise given that the country is ranked No. 1 in the Sustainable Development Report’s ranking of all 193 member statea, getting a score of 86.51, according to a press release from Savoo.

Denmark was second among European countries and Slovenia third.

Germany, at No. 10 on the list, had the highest recycling rate of any country at 67.1 percent.

The UK blew away the field in number of flea markets and antique shops with 1,292, chased by Spain, ninth overall, with 344 pre-owned clothing shops.

Sweden, in fifth place, showed the most improvement from 2010-2020 reducing its footprint by 21.99 percent, trailed most closely by Finland at 20.37. The UK had the greatest regress at a negative 26 percent in reduction of footprint. Belgium at -2 percent and Germany at -1.91 percent.