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Pharrell Williams and Artists Redesign the Superstar’s Shell Toe

Adidas Originals and Pharrell Williams have teamed up again, this time to reinvent the Superstar’s iconic shell toe in a two-part collection called Supershell.

Williams collaborated with five artists who work in various artistic media to design the Artwork collection, which uses the shell toe as a canvas, and the Sculpted Collection, which features 3D manipulations of the toe. Collaborators for the Sculpted Collection include NYC contemporary artist Todd James, Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid and Japanese contemporary artist Mr. The collection also features two designs by Williams.

The sneakers are offered in black and white, and the collection is interchangeable, allowing customers to mix and match shoes. Highlights of the collection include Hadid’s designs featuring pixelated, broken lines and layered panels, and Williams’ styles, which display words like “space” and “time,” printed within hearts.

Williams said in a video promoting the collection, “I appreciate Adidas for having the willingness to open their doors to allow their garments and footwear to become a canvas to all these creative minds. And I feel like they exemplify that in everything they do.”