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Puma Reports Sales Increase In the Americas

Puma reported growth in revenue for their fourth quarter and fiscal year 2014, mainly as a result of increased sales in the Americas.

In the fourth quarter, the brand experienced a currency-adjusted increase of 6.3% to €751 million ($855 million). This was mainly due to a stronger demand for the product in the Americas where revenue increased 15 percent to €319 million ($363.7 million). There was also an upward trend in accessories and footwear sales.

Puma’s full-year net sales increased by 3.3% to €3 billion ($3.4 billion). Sales increased in the Americas by 6.7% to €1.1 billion ($1.25 billion).
Retail revenue also rose by 3.9% to €618 million ($704.5 million), to create 20.8% of sales. Puma accounts for these increases with their optimized retail network, which involved opening stores in growth markets and closing unprofitable locations.

The 2014 fiscal year marked Puma’s biggest marketing campaign to date. In August 2014, they launched the Forever Faster campaign worldwide, aiming to position Puma as a true sports brand. The campaign will continue as a long-term strategy in 2015, including the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and beyond.

The company also added Rihanna as a brand ambassador at the end of 2014. Beginning in Spring/Summer 2016, the musician will serve as one of Puma’s creative directors, specifically focusing on the female market.