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These Were the Top 10 Most Valuable Sneakers in Resale in 2018

The most valuable sneaker in resale typically sells for more than $4,000 a pair.

To offer greater insight into what exactly hit the top of the resale market in Q4 of 2018—a market that has been valued as high as $2 billion—popular sneaker and pop culture website,, and resale platform Stockx partnered to put a list together outlining top sellers in sneaker resale.

In the case of the Solefly Art Basel “Black” Air Jordan’s, there’s nothing overtly unique about the sneakers beyond a simple characteristic: exclusivity. It was a model that was only given out to friends and family; just 23 pairs were ever made available (almost certainly a nod to Michael Jordan’s jersey number). Given the popularity of Nike and Air Jordan, it may come as little surprise that the most exclusive Jordan sneaker tops the list of the most valuable sneakers in resale.

Nike, it seems, has a veritable death grip on the market. Despite losing mindshare and market share to the likes of Vans and Crocs, four of the top five most valuable sneakers in resale belong to the footwear giant.

Three Adidas sneakers made the list, and two regularly sold for more than $1,000. But the most valuable of the three, the Adidas x Daniel Arsham Futurecraft 4D, is only worth half as much as the second most valuable Nike sneaker on Stockx.

Outside of Nike and Adidas, Puma’s “RS-Computer” sneaker found its way on the list as the ninth most valuable, the only other brand to be found in the top 10. A remake of a similarly tech-forward shoe first issued in 1986, only 86 pairs were made for the public in 2018 to celebrate the initial release.

While it may simply help to be either Nike or Adidas, it’s clear exclusivity and cultural relevance play a large part in what ends up selling for top dollar in resale.

Retro styles, like the Air Jordan 1, came into greater prominence in 2018, and the only other trend that seems to give Nike’s retro gambit any competition, are futuristic styles, like Adidas’ Futurecraft 4D collaboration with Daniel Arsham. However, Nike’s own entry in that category, the Nike Zoom Vaporfly, still outsells the most valuable Adidas sneaker by a few hundred dollars.

Here’s a look at the most valuable sneakers on Stockx based on Highsnobiety’s list.