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Rachel Roy Dishes on Her New Shoe Collection with Titan Industries

Gingham prints, rich brocades and “ice cube” heels are some of the fun and flirty elements that make up designer Rachel Roy’s debut footwear collection with Titan Industries.

Last month, Roy announced the footwear expansion of her RACHEL Rachel Roy line. Designed to offer women comfort and style, the collection includes sandals, loafers, pumps and ankle booties in sizes 5 to 12 in medium and wide widths. The collection will retail for $59 to $129 when it lands in stores next year.

VAMP spoke with Roy about the launch and how her personal style inspires her head-to-toe designs.

VAMP: Why is Titan Industries the right partner to go into footwear with?
Roy: They’re known for their ability to develop brands through their approach to design and their high stands of production and quality. I also enjoy designing and working with their team, which sounds simple yet is crucial.

VAMP: What were your sources of inspiration for the Spring ’18 collection?
Roy: For starters a strong, sexy and cool woman; one that wants to have all three of those elements show up in equal parts. When designing shoes, I lean towards a beautifully balanced approach of crafting footwear that blends classic and whimsical, refined and relaxed, sexy and strong.

VAMP: Describe the key color, material and embellishment stories.
Roy: Prints and print mixing, color and detail are very important to the process of creating individual shoes that speak to universal customers, no easy task! You will be seeing rich brocades, tapestry prints, stripes, leopard, gingham and metallic. Transparent ice cube heels were important to me as were folded bows and brooches that sparkled. In the end, shoes that speak to me will speak to my customer.

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VAMP: What are some important silhouettes and heel heights in the collection?
Roy: The collection is launching in spring so we focused the collections on sandals, pumps and mules— all options needed during the spring season—and flats as well as heels. One of my favorites is the gingham pump with the geometric block heel. It uplifts every spring/summer outfit I own. We are using 4mm of padding versus the standard 3mm in the forefoot and heel areas for comfort, which was a must for me.

VAMP: In what ways does the shoe collection complement your apparel designs?
Roy: My design approach is no different with shoes apparel, beauty or home. My inspiration is the same across all genres and is one of presenting her with the best quality of life at my price point possible. I continue the story that the RACHEL Rachel Roy clothing collection tells. I am also very proud of being able to offer extended sizes and widths to mirror my RACHEL Rachel Roy contemporary and curvy collections.

VAMP: What is your favorite part of the shoe-making process?
Roy: The design process itself—there is nothing better work-wise for me. It’s a dream come true and I truly enjoy the stories told and stories I get to create for women.

VAMP: What are some essential footwear styles that every woman should have in her closet?
Roy: A single sole pointy toe pump, a block heel, a covered toe mule, a flat loafer, slides and an easy sneaker.

VAMP: Describe a shoe you couldn’t live without.
Roy: Comfortable, pointy toe suede single sole sexy pumps in all brilliant colors, as well as nude, black, white, stripes and animals.

VAMP: What is your preferred way to shop for shoes, online or in store?
Roy: A little bit of both! In store with a sales person I have known for years. When I am on vacation or lounging—but usually I’ll shop online at YOOX.

VAMP: What is your most memorable shoe moment?
Roy: Creating custom made Manolo Blahnik’s with Mr. Blahnik in Manhattan for some of my early collections! You will never see a platform from him and I love his precise point of view, his artist vision and his sly sense of humor.