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Reebok and Adidas Combine Powers on Instapump Fury Boost

Two titans of athletic footwear have teamed up on a shoe that promises to “redefine the sneaker industry.”

Reebok and parent company Adidas have combined the powers of their InstaPump and Boost technologies to realize every sneakerhead’s dream.

The Instapump Fury Boost combines “the audacious futurism” of Reebok’s Instapump, which first debuted in 1994, with “the breakthrough performance power and cushioning of Adidas’ exclusive Boost technology.”

The Instapump Fury Boost’s retro-future appeal stems from its clunky design, exaggerated two-part outsole and laceless silhouette. The shoe’s leather and textile upper is punctuated by geometric cutouts. In intentionally garish color combinations and ranging in price from $160-$200, the cartoonish style is sure to spark intrigue in new shoppers and nostalgia among sneaker aficionados who were around for the first iteration.

Integrating Adidas’ Boost technology, which provides soft and responsive cushioning, was a no-brainer for Reebok, according to Steven Smith, the shoe’s designer.

“Instapump Fury Boost is exactly something we would have tried back in 1994 if we had the technology,” he said, adding, “We were always experimenting to find the best cushioning system possible. It is great to build a hybrid of the best of both brands’ technologies.”

Boost came to market in 2013 when Adidas began integrating the expanded Thermoplastic Polyurethane (eTPU) compound into its running shoes. The closed-cell foam provided superior energy return to many of the ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyurethane (PU) compounds on the market.

Now, the company has teamed with Reebok on one of its most iconic, statement-making styles. While the Instapump was built for casual wear, Adidas’ Boost technology adds an element of cache and comfort to the already well-loved style.

“When the Instapump Fury was released in 1994, there was no other athletic shoe like it. Even today, it feels ambitiously experimental,” Kelly Hibler, general manager of Reebok Classic, said.

“Now 25 years later, the Instapump Fury is ready for reinvention. Celebrating the legacy of the Instapump and the cushioning of Adidas’ Boost technology, the Instapump Fury Boost is here for a whole new generation,” Hibler added.

Launching at atmosCon Japan on October 5 with just 50 pairs, the sneaker’s “Prototype” model will be the first release. More Instapump Fury Boost sneaker packs will roll out throughout the remainder of Fall/Winter 2019.