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Rare Basketball Uniforms Inspire Reebok “Alternates” Collection

Just a week after Converse debuted its American Basketball Association-inspired capsule, Reebok introduced a collection of its own for hardcore fans of the game.

The Boston-based footwear brand’s Alternates basketball pack features three designs—two on its Question Mid silhouette and one on its Kamikaze II—paying homage to the alternate uniforms of the ‘90s, the ‘00s and today.

The Question Mid “Black/Gold,” with an old-school black, beige and red color blocking, commemorates Allen Iverson’s revamped team look from ’97, when he played for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Kamikaze II “Black/Red,” previewed on court by Montrezl Harrell of the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2020 playoffs, nods back to the alternates of the late ‘90s worn by Shawn Kemp and the Seattle Supersonics with a high-contrast, red-and-black design. The Question Mid “Yellow Toe,” debuted by Quinn Cook also during this year’s playoffs, calls back to the Los Angeles Lakers’ all-white alternates typically worn on Sundays and for holiday games.

The Question Mid “Black/Gold” and Kamikaze II “Black/Red” became available at and select local retailers Friday. The Question Mid “Yellow Toe” will drop at a later date, Reebok said.

Reebok’s Alternates capsule arrived just eight days after Converse debuted three new shoes inspired by the American Basketball Association, a former competitor to the NBA that then merged with the league in 1976. The collection, all with an enamel red, white and rush blue color scheme, features new takes on the brand’s All Star BB Evo, G4 and Chuck 70. The capsule is priced between $85 and $120.

In honor of National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, Reebok has also teamed up with professional basketball player Tamera “Ty” Young to provide sneakers and funding to the non-profit StandUp for Kids.

According to a study by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness each year. In 2019 alone, StandUp for Kids executed more than 45,000 instances of youth service, provided nearly 23,000 meals and housed more than 284 youths, Reebok said.