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Reebok Says it Has the ‘Official Shoe of Fitness’

Reebok’s Nano franchise, now more than 10 years old, released what the footwear giant is calling “the most supportive, comfortable and versatile training shoe” it has produced to date.

Designed to be “the official shoe of fitness,” the Nano X1 combines the comfort and sleek shape of a running shoe with the performance benefits of a “superior” training shoe, Reebok said. “Whether it’s [high-intensity interval training], bootcamp, cardio, dance, boxing, or functional training, the Nano X1 was engineered to perform,” it added.

For the first time, the Nano will offer multiple upper material options at launch. Flexweave Knit, a soft yet strong, style-driven upper, consists of an all-new knitted material that Reebok said provides maximum breathability. Flexweave Grit, meanwhile, features an ultra-strong, lightweight and durable material designed to stand up to extreme workouts.

“Just like any great athlete who’s always looking to hit their next [personal record], we are not going to stop trying to set a new one either when it comes to creating great product,” senior product manager Tal Short said in a statement. “During a time when fitness is so critical to not just our physical, but more importantly, our mental well-being, we’re incredibly proud to be able to support the fitness community with a product that can help individuals and athletes of all levels train at their best.”

The Nano X1 will launch globally on Feb. 3 in a wide range of color selections. Reebok’s Unlocked loyalty members will receive early access starting Jan. 29.

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Reebok enlisted a host of elite athletes, trainers and wellness leaders from around the world to feature in the Nano X1’s “Official Shoe of Fitness” campaign. Among these partners are Rich Froning Jr., a four-time CrossFit champion and the inspiration behind a limited Nano X colorway released last month, and model, actress and former professional dancer Camille Kostek. Other participants include Chyna Cho, Terron Beckham, Lexie Brown, Haley Adams, Jason Khalipa, Taylor Rae Almonte, TJ Watt, Kristin Holte, Erin Maw and Kenta Seki.

“Whether it’s putting in the work during an intense bootcamp or just having fun trying out the latest dance craze, Reebok’s new Nano X1 gives me the support I need,” Kostek said in a statement. “I love how lightweight and comfortable it is for any type of exercise, yet stylish enough for all day wearing. In a time when I’m especially missing the in-person support I rely on from my favorite group fitness classes, it’s been the training partner I’ve needed to keep me motivated and feeling my best.”

The Nano X1 will arrive less than a month after the release of Puma’s all-new Fuse strength trainer. “Renovated with equal parts function and finesse” and “designed to reconstruct your muscles and mentality,” the shoe completely reconfigures the industry’s basic cross-training shoe, Puma said. The sneakers feature a wide toe box and shock-absorbing internal midsole for stability, “Pumagrip” rubber on the outsole for traction and a polyurethane heel clip for a boost of support.