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Rider Sandals Sponsors Couple’s “Couchsurfing” Adventure

Rider Sandals is turning its mission for adventure into reality for one Brazilian couple. This week, Rômulo Wolff and Mirella Rabelo left behind their jobs in São Paulo to begin a two-year journey around the world, during which the couple plan to bungee jump, fly in a hot air balloon, scuba dive, run a marathon and cross a desert.

Rider is sponsoring the trip, named “Travel and Share,” and the duo will be sporting Rider Sandals as they venture across 40 different countries on six continents.

The self-professed travelaholics plan to stay on peoples’ couches as much as they can, using an online community called “couchsurfing” to ask for accommodations. As it is customary for couchsurfers to leave a gift behind as a thank you, Rider Sandals has equipped Wolff and Rabelo with 1,000 sandal key chains to leave at each house they stay at on their trip. The key chains are made with the same recycled materials used in Rider Sandals footwear.

Wolff and Rabelo will be recording their experiences, and Rider will be compiling and sharing the couple’s pictures and stories on its website in an effort to encourage others to explore the world.