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Skechers Donates 62,000 Pairs of Shoes to Earthquake Victims in Nepal

Bobs from Skechers, the company’s charitable footwear donation program, is giving 62,000 pairs of new shoes to children affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Working with donation partners K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers and Soles4Souls, Skechers will deliver more than 36,000 pairs of shoes scheduled to arrive in this month. A second delivery of 26,000 pairs of Bobs will be made in August, when the area stabilizes.

Skechers president Michael Greenberg said, “Bobs was created as an ongoing program to help children in need around the world, but when a natural disaster strikes we need to step up even more to help families affected by these tragedies.”

Skechers has provided 6 million pairs of shoes to K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers for children in the U.S. and internationally. Lisa D. Gurwitch, K.I.D.S. president said “These shoes are very special for us and the community partners with whom we work.” She cited Skechers’s reliability, accuracy in counts, and their donated size range that serves children from 2-12 years old.

Skechers has donated 11 million pairs of shoes to children in need since the program launched in 2011. Previous donations included survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, Hurricane Sandy, and the Haiti earthquake. Bobs also regularly donates its product to more than 30 countries worldwide.