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From Canvas to Leather, Crevo Evolves with Approachable Fashion

The name Crevo comes from a combination of the words “create” and “evolve,” and after establishing itself as an approachable men’s canvas-sneaker label in 2010, Crevo looks to evolve again this fall. Now, with a focus on leather footwear, updated packaging and a new streamlined website design, the Elan Polo International-owned brand begins the next stage of its creative evolution.

Crevo’s journey from canvas sneaker brand to a full-fledged “50/50 winter to summer brand” has closely followed the evolution of men’s fashion. The brand targets a male consumer that wants a shoe he can wear on- and off-duty and he doesn’t have to be dressed like a GQ man, quipped Colleen McClain, Crevo senior line builder.

Instead, Crevo centers on “approachable fashion” that won’t “break the bank.” Leather boots, which debuted in Fall 2012, retail for under $100. The brand’s canvas sneakers—an alternative for the man who doesn’t want to wear mega brands like Converse and Vans—and sandals retail for around $50.

Bestsellers include the Camden, a buffalo leather boot with cap toe detailing and memory foam insoles, the Denham Chelsea boot with its both clean and classic design and the Buck moc toe boot.

For Fall ’16, Crevo is still seeing a lot of success from the Camden and Denham boots, now offering them in more colorways for this season. For Spring ’17, McClain predicts their canvas sneakers, the Tiller and Baldwin, will be popular again, along with the Kroozer, a leather driving moc. Along with their increase focus on boots, McClain said Crevo has expanded their chukka business offering “neutral suedes and chestnut leathers.”

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For design inspiration, McClain examines the brand’s Midwestern roots (its headquarters are in St. Louis, Mo.), as well as global trends. “I go shopping—domestic and international. I go to colleges, I go to the mall to see what people are wearing,” McClain said, adding that it is not only important to see where the trends are going, but also where the trends already are.

Retail partners like men’s online label and e-tailer, Jack Threads, and e-commerce giant, Amazon, have given Crevo cred online. The brand aims to boost its digital presence by increasing its social media activity. “We’re building it up. [Social media] is something we’re working on every day. We have a bunch of really really cool bloggers who are coming to us with content,” McClain said.

One of the biggest responses the Crevo team has received from social media is from their more personal posts. On both Instagram and Twitter, Crevo has seen a spike in interest when the post is about the people in the company. Brand transparency through social media has proven to be an effective tool, and Crevo hopes to continue this technique as the label begins re-branding its online design.

It is with that relatable and approachable style that Crevo has been able to reserve a place in men’s closets.