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Sols Unveils Bespoke 3-D Printed Insoles

Sols debuted Sols Flex, the first 3-D printed insoles available direct to consumer. The insole is designed to fit the foot perfectly, including arch support and cushioning and can be used for exercise, pain management and preventative and corrective care.

To ensure the perfect fit, the fitting process begins with the Sols App, which allows users to create and order their own custom insole. The consumer takes photos of each foot in weight and non-weight bearing stances, and then the app generates more than 1,000 data points to render a unique 3-D model used to create the insole. After the insoles are printed, they are finished with various topcoats.

Sols Flex utilizes an advanced 3-D material, a NASA-grade plastic called Nylon 11, to create a slim-profile insole that can easily fit into anything from sneakers and boots to slim silhouettes. The insole are available in black neoprene with seafoam green cushioning and is priced at $199. Future product topcovers will be available in leather and wool as well as various custom color options.

Kegan Schouwenburg, CEO and founder of Sols, said, “We’re on a mission to redesign movement and change the way people approach the taboo topic of foot health because every step should be supported and comfortable.” She added, “Today we’re making insoles, but who knows what the future will bring. We’re on a path to lead the industry in mass bespoke fashion– footwear and beyond.”

Sols is supporting its consumer launch through a partnership with Iron Man for the 2015 World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This will be the first touchpoint in a larger 2016 partnership between the two brands.

Sols are available for purchase now through the Sols app in the App Store. After the customer completes the fitting process, the insoles ship within 10 days.