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Superga’s Collaboration with Alexa Chung Will Debut at MODA in February

One of the biggest events in the U.K. fashion scene, MODA, is adding Superga to its growing list of attendees.

Superga, an Italian footwear label that made its name selling vulcanized rubber plimsolls known as “the people’s shoe of Italy” at the beginning of the 20th century, will debut its new collection to U.K. audiences at MODA as a new exhibitor this year.

The Classic Superga 2750, as it is now known, has received an update at the hands of popular U.K. designer, Alexa Chung, for Autumn/Winter 2019, suggesting the new collaboration may have some added pull at the heavily British event.

Superga’s newest collection will take the traditional look of the Classic Superga and combine it with a “host of new colors, animal prints and fluoro colorways.” Styles will be available for both men and women, including “sport luxe” sneakers for women and men’s styles composed of corduroy and with military aesthetics.

Having previously worked with Superga on its plimsolls, Chung’s take on the form is now both mature and trendy. Photos provided to Sourcing Journal show off the varied silhouettes available in the collection, like a canary yellow model with a modest high top upper shown off by Chung who wears them with a yellow alligator pantsuit. Another preview features a metallic-red version of the classic plimsoll with an open back and extra-toothy soles, which Chung pulls off while clothed in a leisure suit composed of pink corduroy.

Superga’s AW19 collection will be one more than 1,200 that attendees can preview at MODA from Feb. 17-19 at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre next month. MODA, a platform for mid-market brands that sell across the UK and Ireland, calls its content experience “retail-focused” and promises to help inform retailers how to create and buy collections for a changing host of demographics it refers to as the “Elastic Generation,” a term created by the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence firm in the U.K. to describe an affluent generation of consumers that are defined by their social and financial flexibility.

MODA simultaneously announced a host of additional brands that will be appearing at the show, including Yull, one of the only independent brands manufacturing high heels in the U.K. Other British brands that will be making a MODA appearance this year include, DB Shoes, London Brogues, Northwest Territory, Pod, Tilley and Grace and Snoxell.