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This Startup Company Makes Cleats Specifically for Female Athletes

New start-up company Trooz is ready to roll out its first cleat designed for the distinct shape and performance of a woman’s foot. The Chicago-based company is accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter for $149, offering women’s sizes 5-12.5 in four different styles.

To date, Trooz Founder Shawn True said women’s cleats are a “bit of contradiction” because they are mostly scaled-down versions of men’s cleats. Working as a personal trainer, True would hear firsthand accounts of female athletes playing in uncomfortable footwear.

“I was working with a female soccer player that was experiencing chronic foot issues. Examining her cleats got me thinking they could be contributing to her problems,” True told Vamp. “I began looking at all cleats and listening to women players’ thoughts about their cleats, good and bad. Almost all of them described the problem that Trooz is attempting to solve.”

Years of research and development went into the project. “Once we heard from enough women, it was evident there was a big problem that needed solving,” said True. “Not having a background in footwear, I reached out to friends with medical device, manufacturing, and footwear design experience. Together, we examined all the available research on the physical differences between women’s feet and men’s and used women’s feet as the starting point. We then spent years testing and refining the design with a full range of female players,” he explained.

The cleat, ideal for both recreational and professional field sport athletes, is designed with a slimmer heel, a snug-fitting upper and shorter lacing system. A wider forefoot and proper arch support provides a more comfortable fit. Four colorways are available in either full grain or synthetic leather and True says more designs are in the works.

“We see tremendous untapped potential in the women’s cleat market,” said True. “Women’s field sports are growing rapidly and soccer, in particular, has enjoyed great success here in the U.S.”