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Recyclable Vegan Sneaker Brand Tests New Colors in Limited-Time Drops

One year after it debuted its original bright-white slip-on and lace-up silhouettes, vegan footwear brand Thousand Fell will return with a pitch-black follow-up.

Black by Thousand Fell features all black bio-based leather, a matte black rubber logo and a black bottom outsole. . Customers can register at for the 48-hour event, which starts on Nov. 20.

“Black is the absence of all colors and felt like the ultimate blank canvas to us—a starting point to innovate, create and move forward,” co-founder Chloe Songer said in a statement. “We wanted to introduce something that embodied the clean slate we all want now.”

Black by Thousand Fell will kick off a series of limited-edition drops and new product releases through the coming year, according to the vegan footwear brand. This strategy, it said, will enable it to minimize waste while letting customers have a say as they test exclusive new colors. Only those that resonate the most will be introduced into the line.

Built with sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients like sugarcane, recycled plastic bottles and aloe vera, Thousand Fell’s shoes are designed to be taken back, recycled and transformed into new product. To ensure its own sneakers do not end up in a landfill, Thousand Fell offers customers $20 toward their next pair when they return their worn sneakers when they’re through with them.

Over the summer, a small collective of sustainable of lifestyle brands—led by Thousand Fell—launched a web-based popup shop called Sum of Small Parts. Naked Retail Group, which runs two brick-and-mortar concept stores in New York City, hosted the group of eclectic labels on its e-commerce site. Other brands included Naked Cashmere, which upcycles post-consumer cashmere clothing to create new garments, Fair Harbor, which crafts swimwear from recycled ocean plastics, and Van Holzhauzen, a luxury handbag label sourcing sustainable, animal-free alternative leather.

Thousand Fell is one of now many brands turning to sustainable, vegan materials in response to consumer demand for eco-aware products. Los Angeles sneaker brand Clae, which has long used vegan materials in its collection, debuted its first pair of kicks made with cactus-based leather earlier this month, while Sanuk launched the second iteration of its new eco-conscious SustainaSoles collection Thursday.