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Timberland Debuts Hip Hop Royalty Boot 

Timberland’s newest footwear launch is celebrating multiple milestones.

The footwear brand is debuted its Timberland Hip Hop Royalty Boot on Friday in celebration of both the 50th anniversaries of hip-hop and the brand’s popular boot style. The boot is part of a yearlong series of projects meant to “embody Timberland’s pioneering spirit,” according to the brand. 

“Having the opportunity to design in celebration of both boot and hip-hop culture is a huge honor for me,” said Chris Dixon, senior footwear designer of advanced concepts and energy at Timberland. “The Hip Hop Royalty Boot project is Timberland’s way of giving hip-hop its flowers and showing appreciation for what they have done for the brand. I am really happy to partner with Timberland and give young creatives something I did not have as a kid, which is the empowerment of creativity.” 

The style reimagines the popular Timberland boot with a purple suede and gold accent colorway and a graffiti-style logo. Timberland stated the purple color was used to signify a “centuries-long association with royalty and power” and the gold is meant to “emulate a crown.” The boot is also designed with a green label reading “Sedgwick Ave.,” referencing the street in the Bronx, the New York borough where hip-hop was born. The style also includes a hangtag depicting a DJ turntable. 

Timberland stated all components of the boot are meant to represent the four elements of hip-hop: MCing, DJing, break dance and graffiti.

The footwear brand also worked with Dixon’s company, Cnstnt Dvlpmnt, which offers youth mentorship and community outreach to further representation of BIPOC designers in the footwear industry. 

Timberland’s Hip Hop Royalty Boot will retail for $170 for women’s sizes and $210 for men’s and will be available on its website.