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Timberland Plants 2 Million Trees in China

Timberland planted two million trees in the Horquin Desert to take a stance against desertification in Inner Mongolia. The project is part of the company’s partnership with Green Network, a Japan-based nonprofit that works to combat desertification and educate local communities for a sustained positive impact.

The Horquin Desert in Northern China was grassland as recently as the 1960s, but over-grazing and climate change led to the deforestation of the area, resulting in a desert the size of Switzerland. The exposed land has led to sandstorms that affect Northern China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Timberland’s project with Green Network in The Horquin Desert is a key part of the company’s CSR efforts in Asia. Timberland has so far contributed more than JPY 120 million (about $997,000) and 291 days of employee time to support the reforestation project.

John Gearing, vice president and managing director of Timberland and sportswear, Asia Pacific, said, “As an outdoor lifestyle brand, protecting and creating a more sustainable environment is not just a nice to have—it makes good business sense. That’s why we’re committed to the responsible design and manufacture of all our products, as well as making the places where we live and work more sustainable.”