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Toms Expands Into Handbags

Toms launched its fourth and newest product range, the Toms Bags Collection, on Friday.

The collection is broken into three categories: the Artisan range, which features hand-beaded and hand-sewn details; the Travel Inspired line, which culls inspiration from Tom’s designers’ experiences of life on the road by focusing on lightweight, functional constructions; and the primarily unisex Campus and Tech line that mashes up color and textures for toting computers, tablets and more.

The line, which retails for $28-$298, spans totes, hobo and bucket bags to baby bags and is available at, select retailers and at the brand’s first New York City store, which opened on Saturday.

True to the brand’s “One for One” business model, the handbag line addresses the issue of maternal health through a partnership with its Giving Partners, including the United Nations Population Fund, BRAC in Bangladesh and Ayzh, a for-profit social venture that provides health solutions to impoverished women worldwide. For each bag purchased, Toms will aid a safe birth for a mother and baby in need in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti and India.

“While in the field, I’ve met mothers and entire families who have been affected by the physical and emotional repercussions of giving birth alone, or in unsafe environments,” said Toms founder Blake Mycoskie. “We feel it’s our responsibility to change this through the Toms business model, and we’re so proud to be able to present the first One for One product that can actually help save lives.”