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Toms and the Clinton Foundation Fight to Save Elephants

Toms Animal Initiative and The Clinton Foundation for Wildlife Conservation Society have partnered to create a limited-edition line of Toms’ Classics to show support for African elephants.

The vegan-friendly slip-ons feature an embroidered elephant as a reminder of the gentle giants’ plight against poachers. Styles include a men’s blue and cream Classic, a red and cream Classic for children, as well as styles for babies. The collection retails for $36 to $59 and is available on

The Toms Animal Initiative is a series of partnerships aimed to help conserve and protect wild animals. Prior to linking with The Clinton Foundation for Wildlife Conservation Society, the philanthropic footwear brand worked with Africa’s oldest park, Virunga National Park, to aid the conservation of gorillas. For Spring ’15, it will support the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts for rhino protection. In addition to donating funds to the animal organizations, the company will continue to donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold.

The Clinton Foundation for Wildlife Conservation Society is committed to saving African elephants, which are being killed by poachers at unprecedented rates for their valuable ivory tusks. With the help of governments and other global animal welfare organizations, the foundation aims to confront the poaching crisis by stopping the killing of elephants and the trafficking and demand for ivory.

In a statement, Chelsea Clinton said, “We’re thrilled to be working with the Toms Animal Initiative and hope that by working together, we can help ensure these incredible creatures room the earth for generations to come.”