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Toms Expands Earthwise Shoe Collection With Fresh Eco-Friendly Materials

Toms has expanded its Earthwise collection of shoes and eyewear that are rooted in earth-friendly materials and processes.

The brand has expanded the line with a number of new styles that showcase its commitment to sustainability. The new shoe styles feature eco-friendly materials such as Unifi’s Repreve recycled polyester made out of post-consumer plastic, Lenzing’s Tencel Lyocell derived from wood pulp, organic cotton and jute.

Previous styles used hemp and linen as core materials. The company said hemp, linen and jute are preferred eco fibers because they consume less water than traditional fibers and require fewer chemicals to grow.

The brand also ensures that packaging is from sustainably managed forests and made out of at least 80 percent recycled materials, with the goal of 100 percent in the coming years. Toms said its operating model is to reduce its carbon footprint in every way, making choices that benefit customers, employees and the planet.

The footwear also features Green EVA outsoles are derived from sugar cane and are carbon negative. The strobel board, the part of the shoe attaching the insole and outsole, is made with recycled polyester. The company uses a chemical-free plant dye process with pigments derived from natural botanicals.

The Earthwise eyewear collection features mineral glass lenses made with natural silica and soda ash. Its bioplastic frames are derived from 100 percent biodegradable plant-based material.

Based in Los Angeles, Toms is a B Corp certified company, which it said recognizes its commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Toms is a member of the Leather Working Group (LWG), which certifies leather manufacturing facilities based on environmental performance in areas such as water and energy use, air emissions and waste.

The company is also a member of the Fair Labor Association, which it said guides efforts to demonstrate substantial compliance with the Workplace Code of Conduct throughout its global supply chain. Its commitment to Canopy’s conservation standards encourages the company to continue to source all wood-based material from sustainably managed forests.