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Tune Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Back Smart Insoles

Tune, an insole measuring runner’s biometrics, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 by August 13. The new wearable technology created by the Portuguese tech company Kinematix measures each foot’s ground-contact and heel-contact time and provides an individualized exercise plan for each runner.

Many fitness apps measure elements like distance, time and pace, but Tune differentiates itself by focusing on the technique of an athlete in the running environment. The insoles contain electronic sensors that sync with small electronic devices that connect to the outside of each shoe, and the devices collect data in real time. Tune then provides a post-run analysis that can demonstrate the evolution of technique over the course of one run, for part of a run or over a longer period of time.

The program provides a customized exercise plan designed to improve movement and strengthen the necessary muscles. The app can also show you how to do the assigned exercises.

Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, founder and CEO of Kinematix, said, “Tune obtains meaningful information about how runners use their feet to help them run smarter.” He added, “Tune is sophisticated enough for the most elite runners, but affordable enough for the everyday runner. We want to help people run smarter, and to run smarter means to perform better, to run without pain or injury, and to be healthier and happier.”