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Ugg Launches Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

Ugg is cracking down on counterfeiters this holiday season through its social media accounts to better protect consumers (and the company’s bottom line).

The newly created Ugg counterfeit Facebook page features videos and photos that help consumers identify counterfeit product and alert them to popular scams. In addition, the brand also answers questions from customers and offers support with identifying sites as counterfeit or genuine.

Ugg claims that thousands of counterfeit websites advertise their fake Ugg brand products using wording such as “outlet uggs,” “discount uggs,” or “uggs black friday.” Online auctions and forums are also common outlets counterfeiters use to sell fake products. Offline, counterfeiters may operate retail stores, flea market booths or on city street stalls in the hope of scamming unsuspecting customers into purchasing fake products.

Ugg has taken legal action against 60,000 websites selling counterfeit Ugg brand products. Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce company, has also faced scrutiny from the brand, and to date Ugg has removed over 300,000 counterfeit listings on Alibaba’s consumer marketplace, Taobao. Between 2007-2015 law enforcement has globally seized over 2.5 million counterfeit Ugg brand products.