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Under Armour Powers Up With a New Fitness App

Under Armour unveiled UA Record, an app geared to simplify personal health data, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

The app, which is compatible with a wide range of fitness tracing devices, features motion and GPS activity tracking from mobile sensors and third party devices, analysis from individual workouts, as well as a total snapshot of the user’s progress that includes steps, sleep, calories burned, heart rate and weight.

For a social element, UA Record enables users to participate in health and fitness challenges by inviting up to 20 friends within their network. Challenges are composed of workout count, total distance, total steps and calories burned. They also provide real-time updates, leaderboard progress and an open forum for group participants, and can take place daily, weekly, or monthly.

Under Armour founder and CEO Kevin Plank said, “UA Record offers everyone of all fitness levels the ability to proactively manage their health and fitness.” He added, “By syncing the thousands of fitness tracking devices and apps onto its open platform, and creating a visual dashboard of your data, UA Record is a simple and empowering tool designed to help people lead healthier and more active lives.”

The app also contains the ability to share content including videos, photos, and workout stories, and allows access to original content on nutrition, training methodologies, injury prevention and more, straight from leading experts in health and fitness.

UA Record is available for download on the App Store or from the Google Play store and will be updated throughout the year to further enhance the platform’s connectivity and personalization. Coming soon, users will have the ability to incorporate customized feedback and use personal in-app health assessments.