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Vionic Group Springs Into Action with the ZenFitness30 Method

Vionic Group introduced their newly coined ZenFitness30 method, which will publicly debut in January 2016 with the release of their Spring ’16 collection.

The ZenFitness30 method follows the fitness revolution that brings mindfulness back into exercise. The method was designed by Vionic’s Innovation Lab members, celebrity fitness trainer Juliet Kaska and integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Jim Nicolai. It consists of a 30-minute workout designed to energize mind, body and spirit and can complement an existing fitness routine to lengthen and stretch muscles.

The workout begins with Kaska leading active stretches designed to lengthen the body, develop the core and get the heart pumping. Dr. Nicolai follows with a breath walking exercise to help quiet the mind and limit distraction, while keeping the body mobile to deepen the connection. The practice can be done anywhere from a busy street to a private home.

The ZenFitness30 method will launch with a dedicated web portal featuring instructional videos and illustrations along with a written overview of the mental and physical practice.