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Washington Shoe Co. Chairman Rob Moehring’s Predictions for Fall ’16

The busy holiday shopping season is in full swing and that means consumers are eyeing and buying some of the year’s biggest trends from the last 12 months, but what about after the hype dies down? Curious to know what buyers and consumers alike should look forward to after the calendar changes to 2016, Vamp recently sat down several footwear industry insiders to give us their take on what footwear trends to look out for next year.

In the first part of our series we chat with Rob Moehring, Chairman of Washington Shoe Company.

Vamp: What’s the inspiration for the Fall ’16 collection?
Moehring: Trend colors and prints are always a major focus for our brands, and prints are a definitely an impactful trend for Fall ’16. Our print collections are consider to be among the best in leading the fashion rubber rain boot market within the women’s and children’s categories. Vintage looks, pattern blocking, reflective elements and sleeker silhouettes are significant directional choices we developed for Fall ’16. All of our directional decisions work well and complement our fall product collections.

Vamp: Describe the key colors, materials, silhouettes and embellishments for the season.
Moehring: Rich reds and purple as well as rose-pinks are key colors influencers for fall. Jewels, antique hardware, matte finishes, reptile prints, leather multi-strap treatments and tall boot shafts are also important design elements.

Vamp: Will Fall ’16 be a big boot season?
Moehring: Absolutely. Ankle boots, mid-calf boots up to knee high will be very popular, including western, rodeo and equestrian inspired silhouettes. Above the knee silhouettes will become less popular.

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Vamp: Are there any trends that you expect to see less of next fall?
Moehring: Color always transitions from spring to fall, and from fall to fall. Fringe treatments are becoming less relevant, but by no means will the fringe trim trend disappear for Fall ’16. Silver hardware and treatments will be “outshined” by gold treatments.

Vamp: Has social media–especially Instagram–affected the way your shoes are marketed and sold in the last year?
Moehring: Instagram has given us insight on what gets fans the most excited. It hasn’t necessarily affected our sales though.

Vamp: What do you think the footwear market is lacking? And how can it build excitement for the new season?
Moehring: I believe there is room to build more product which is equally functional as it is fashionable. Consumers desire more cross-functional, or smarter products, beginning with mobile devices, cars, and stretching to apparel and footwear. They want meaningful products without having to sacrifice performance or fashion features. For examples, footwear or apparel which seamlessly transitions from business to lifestyle.