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These Women’s Footwear Brands Are Expanding into Legwear and Men’s

White Mountain and Cliffs have inked two new licensing agreements.

For the first time in 40 years, the comfort footwear brands are moving beyond women’s footwear. White Mountain and Cliffs have signed a licensing agreement to distribute legwear via a partnership with Legwear Concepts Inc., a wholesale hosiery company developing socks and other accessories for private label and licensed brands.

“Over the past four decades, White Mountain and Cliffs have remained steadfast in their commitment to delivering high-quality, comfortable footwear at affordable prices. This unwavering dedication is what made the brand acquisition in January 2023 all the more enticing to me,” Alen Mamrout, CEO of the brand’s parent company, American Exchange Group, said.

“This licensing agreement with Legwear Concepts Inc. marks a pivotal moment in our business for the White Mountain brand, allowing us to explore new product categories, cultivate fresh retail relationships and connect with a broader customer base,” Mamrout continued. “With Legwear Concept’s unparalleled knowledge, expertise and capabilities, they make the ideal partner for us to collaborate with, as we strive to offer our customers the very best in products. As we continue to expand, this partnership marks the first of many exciting licensed collaborations under the American Exchange Group umbrella.”

The legwear collection will include an assortment of basic everyday socks, performance socks, compression socks, boot socks, heavyweight socks for men, women and kids, as well as hosiery. The styles are focused on comfort with cushioned aspects, padded soles, supportive compression and moisture-wicking materials.

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“Legwear Concepts is thrilled to be the first to manufacture a brand-new category for White Mountain and Cliffs by introducing the socks, legwear and hosiery assortment to the market. Our mission is to provide unbeatable comfort to your sole while maintaining the classic American style identity of White Mountain and Cliffs,” Benny Lati, president of Legwear Concepts, said. “This partnership will fill a much-needed void in the market, by expanding the current success of White Mountain and Cliffs into the kids, ladies and men’s sock retail channels. The expertise of our design team tailors our product line to merchandise perfectly with their renowned footwear to present a strong presence of White Mountain and Cliffs globally.”

White Mountain and Cliffs have been focused on expanding their product offerings since being acquired earlier this year, said Cynthia Nixon, vice president of licensing and brand development at American Exchange Group. They have also partnered with Iconic Footwear Inc., a wholesale fashion footwear company making on-trend shoes at accessible price points.

“This new licensing agreement with Iconic Footwear is a significant step towards American Exchange Group’s mission to grow the business and expand the customer base of the brands we acquire,” Mamrout said. “Iconic Footwear’s expertise and capabilities make them the perfect partner for us, and we are excited to work together to offer our customers the best possible products.”

The collection of slippers, sandals and flip-flops is another first for White Mountain and Cliffs, getting the brands in front of a new audience. The shoes are made with materials like suede and faux fur in silhouettes including moccasins, booties and clogs. The first collection—along with the legwear—is scheduled to debut in fall 2023 in time for the holiday season at Macy’s, TJX, Nordstrom Rack and DSW as well as the brands’ e-commerce sites, and in specialty stores at a later date. Prices range from $15-$60.

“Iconic Footwear is excited to incorporate White Mountain and Cliffs into our diverse portfolio of licensed brands. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with a globally recognized brand for their comfort, style and innovation,” Mayer Lati, CEO of Iconic Footwear, said. “This collaboration comes as a perfect fit to highlight what White Mountain and Cliffs are best known for, as our company mission specializes in manufacturing comfort driven shoes and slippers without compromising fashion, quality and price.

“With decades of experience, our design, product development and logistics teams will further expand White Mountain and Cliffs global reach in the footwear industry,” Lati said.