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Vans, Burton Embrace Boa’s New High-Performance Snowboard Boot Closure

Boa, the brand behind one of the more innovative footwear closure systems on the market, the Boa Fit System, unveiled a new-and-improved dial platform at the recent Outdoor Retailer trade show in Denver.

Boa’s new H4 dial—which will become part of its H-Series closure platform—was built specifically for snowboards, and will be included on a number of snowboard boots by brands like Vans, Burton, Ride, K2 and others by the fall, just in time for the 2020 winter season.

“The H4 dial platform is built to withstand major impact, the harshest of elements, and maintain performance when it matters,” Woody Woodard, Boa’s global snowboard lead and senior account manager, said in a statement.

“We have over 9,000 hours of combined field and lab testing that shows that H4 and TX3 will stand up to the toughest conditions, and has resulted in our most durable system yet,” he added.

Boa has unveiled a new snowboard-specific closure system that relies on textile lacing for its most durable design yet.
A diagram of Boa’s new H4 dial system, showcasing its cartridge-based construction. Boa

The H4 dial is built into a cartridge that can eject in the case of severe impact, Boa said. That cartridge can then be reinserted or replaced into the closure system instead of necessitating a complete replacement. The latest addition to the H-Series platform also features a smaller diameter but still exceeds the strength requirements of a standard snowboard boot.

The new dial can be fitted with Boa’s new T3 snowboard textile lace, as well, the addition of which provides a number of unique fit configurations, increased shell adjustment and a greater degree of control over fit in general, the brand noted.

“Boa has always offered the ability to fine-tune fit, which is key for all the different styles of riding I do,” professional snowboarder and Boa partner Travis Rice said. “With the evolution of Boa’s newest H4 Platform, I know my boots are secure. In the off-chance something major happens, I can simply reinsert the dial, which is brilliant engineering…”

Boa tested H4 in its Performance Fit Lab, where the brand conducts research on its closure systems using the university’s pool of high-level athletes. Boa products were also displayed on a variety of functional footwear products shown by other brands at Outdoor Retailer.