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New Tech Collaboration Promises More Advanced 3D Footwear Scanning

Volumental and Superfeet, two of the leading organizations in the field of 3-D footwear scanning, recently announced a partnership that will combine their two platforms to create a new retail experience for footwear consumers.

The partnership will lead to new footwear scanning solutions for footwear retailer, Fleet Feet, the first U.S. retailer to adopt the technology. Previously, Volumental and Fleet Feet had signed a deal to place the former’s original Fit ID technology at each of the retailer’s 173 stores in 38 states.

Volumental’s Fit ID platform doubles as both a convenient and quick (five second scans) footwear recommendation platform that generates a 3-D scan of the user’s foot and creates a profile that associates can then match with the perfect shoe. Brent Hollowell, vice president of marketing and vendor management at Fleet Feet called the technology “irresistibly attractive” to consumers and said it brings a “wow” factor to the sales floor.

“Volumental puts the power of AI right at your feet,” the company explained. “In one click and five seconds, our 3D scanner gathers all the data needed for the AI-driven Fit Engine to offer you personalized footwear recommendations.”

Now, Volumental will be joining with Superfeet, an insole manufacturer that had partnered with HP to create its Fitstation technology. Fitstation functions a bit differently than Fit ID, with more of a focus on analyzing gait, pressure points, propulsion and knee placement. The final purpose is slightly different, too, as Superfeet uses its technology to outfit its own ME3D Custom Insoles and then ships the product directly to the consumer.

The new project will be a marriage of those two ideas, bringing the scientific accuracy of Fitstation to the consumer-friendly footwear platform already available at Fleet Feet stores by way of Volumental. Superfeet’s Fitstation had previously only been available at fewer than 30 boutique footwear stores nationwide.

“Superfeet is thrilled to be partnering with Volumental and HP,” Eric Hayes, CMO of Superfeet, said in a statement. “Combining our respective expertise is key to furthering our mission and accelerating the availability of personalized support and comfort to people worldwide.”

In May of 2018, Superfeet also opened the doors of a mass customization factory it calls “Flowbuilt” that promises industry-leading speed-to-market capabilities and collaborated with Brooks Running Company for a capsule.