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Battery-Operated Socks Want to Warm Up Frigid Feet

When Ororo Heated Apparel launched a Kickstarter for heated gloves in 2018, it met its $20,000 goal in eight hours and 28 minutes. Its second campaign—launched Nov. 2—reached that same goal in a third of that time.

“We are very happy about the crowdfunding performance in the first two days,” Ororo Heated Apparel co-founding CEO Mark Hu told Sourcing Journal. “Seeing the continued support from our loyal customer base as well as new customers is super encouraging. The success will push us to work even harder to deliver our promises to customers, continue listening to their feedback and developing new products our customers love.”

The “Redwood” Carbon Nanotube Heated Socks will represent the heated apparel brand’s second sock and join a growing collection of warming jackets, coats and gloves.

Unlike the original “Sequoia” Heated Socks, Hu said the Redwood uses carbon nanotube elements that distribute heat more evenly and faster, as well as an elastic connecting cord that provides higher flexibility and lower resistance value.

“With higher flexibility, the cord will be more durable and offers extra comfort while you walk,” Hu said. “Lower resistance value helps reduce the heat loss along the cord while it is connected with the battery.”

The machine-washable socks offer three adjustable heat settings and come with two batteries. Battery life ranges from five to 10 hours, depending on which of the heating settings the wearer selects. The 1.5-inch-by-2.8-inch battery connects to a cord in the sock and then tucks into a pocket on the calf. These batteries, Hu said, can charge in four hours.

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Like many within the fashion industry, the pandemic impacted Ororo’s supply chain earlier this year. But Hu said his team worked hard to mitigate that and still managed to launch a record number of new styles and designs this year. Already, these additions include new vests, fleece jackets and gloves, with three pullover hoodies, redesigned mittens, a men’s down jacket and a maroon women’s fleece jacket also planned for this season.

The Kickstarter is set to close on Dec. 2 with products shipping in December and January. Pre-orders on Ororo’s official webstore will start one week after the campaign ends with a goal to ship in late January.

Ororo Heated Apparel also struck a new multi-year partnership with the Kansas City Chiefs. As the official heated apparel partner of the football team, Ororo will provide fans with the opportunity to try out all of its products during home games, beginning in the 2021 season. It will also provide heated gear for Arrowhead Stadium staff and members of the team’s media who work primarily outdoors.

“As we know, late-season games are when the elements give our team an added advantage, and with the Ororo product line, our staff and fans will be better equipped to do their part in making Arrowhead Stadium the best home field advantage in the NFL, no matter the weather,” Kim Hobbs, Chiefs’ vice president of partnerships and premium sales, said in a statement.