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Sketchfab’s New 3-D Nike Demo Means Real-Time Customization

Sneaker customization has stepped into another dimension.

Sketchfab, one of the internet’s largest depositories of 3-D models, has created a 3-D configurator that can be customized in real time—and now that it has brought its tech to a fully customizable 3-D model of a Nike Air Max 270, customers can tinker with all changeable aspects of the shoe and check it out in 3-D.

From the retailer’s standpoint, Sketchfab says businesses can use the application programming interface (API) to enhance conversion rates and boost sales.

With a simple click of the mouse, users can view the highly realistic 3-D model from multiple angles right from their browser. From there, they can change the outsole, the air chamber and the swoosh and see the changes made before their eyes.

In the past, showcasing 3-D models was more difficult as renderings were heavily dependent on an individual’s personal computer, operating system and connection speed. Today, platforms like Sketchfab are designed to be as widely compatible as possible and the company says its 3-D creation tool is compatible with “every major 3D creation tool and publishing platform” as well as being available on “every browser, operating system” on desktop or mobile.

Now that the technology is ready for wide implementation, 3-D rendering opens up a new way for consumers to interact with and customize a product from every angle, from wherever they engage with the technology—be it via desktop or mobile or even in stores.

“A 3D configurator allows potential customers to truly experience your products, viewing them at any angle or scale with photorealistic rendering,” Sketchfab said. “In addition, a configurator allows consumers to engage in real time with products designed to their exact specifications.” The platform also allows for the implementation of augmented and virtual reality components.

According to Sketchfab, businesses that have implemented their platform into their sales strategy have already seen revenue increase by up to 50 percent from products showcased with 3-D. What’s more, the technology has boosted visitor-to-lead conversion by up to 40 percent, largely owed to the engagement it allows for.

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“This is arguably the closest you can get to examining an actual product before buying,” Sketchfab said. “Visitors can explore features through interactive touch points, a much more engaging approach than a passive 2D viewing.”

When it comes to advertising, Sketchfab says its player is still the only 3-D viewer compatible with “all ad networks and ad servers,” giving it a head-start in an increasingly three-dimensional world.

“Today, with easier creation tools such as Minecraft or Tilt Brush, and 3D capture coming to our smartphones, everyone is becoming a 3D creator,” Sketchfab wrote about the future of the platform. “Our goal is to turn 3D into a mainstream media format.”