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Kickstarter Campaign Raises $600K for Versatile Lightweight Footwear

With three weeks to go, Skinners Technologies has already raised more than $600,000 for its second lightweight footwear Kickstarter, easily surpassing its $40,000 goal.

The Skinners 2.0—like its predecessor—looks to combine the comfort of socks with the protection of shoes. The hybrid features a three-layered, quick-drying upper on a durable, 3-millimeter polymer sole. Unlike the original Skinners, the new addition also features a moisture-wicking, polyurethane foam insole.

Designed for travel and sports enthusiasts, the Skinners 2.0 can be used for short runs, workouts, yoga, watersports and light hikes. The featherweight footwear—160 grams for a medium pair—can roll up tightly for travelers to easily tuck away in a suitcase or backpack.

The new model updates the original Skinners by adding a wider toe-box, anti-odor technology and a crumble-free sole. Additionally, it expands the footwear’s lifespan from 400 miles to 500.

Skinners 2.0 comes in eight colors—marine, carmine, moss, anthracite, aqua, ivory, sand and stone—and seven sizes. They are available for $45 through Kickstarter, a discount off the estimated retail price of $69.

“Creating something revolutionary is never easy,” Petr Prochazka, CEO of Skinners Technologies said in a statement. “But with 200,000 loyal customers on board, extensive four-year research, development, and partnerships with footwear professionals, we managed to push limits one more time.”

Skinners 2.0 are handmade in Europe with zero-waste technology and anti-abrasive polymers and, according to the Kickstarter campaign, are machine washable.

The Skinners 2.0 arrive amid a spate of footwear Kickstarters, including one from Ororo Heated Apparel. The “Redwood” Carbon Nanotube Heated Socks, Ororo’s second venture into socks, use a small rechargeable battery and carbon nanotube elements to provide the wearer with five to 10 hours of warmth.

Eco-footwear startup Ocean Refresh turned to the crowdfunding website to launch its new Oceana sneaker. Available in navy, black and white, the shoes are built with fabric crafted from recycled ghost nets, as well as recycled rubber, ocean plastic, cork and foam. Slated to ship in December, the sneakers were available for about $94, half off their expected retail price.