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This Footwear Company Wants Putting on Shoes to Be a Hands Free Experience

For consumers who find tying laces a nuisance, ZeroTie’s hand’s free range of footwear may be the answer.

Greg Johnson founded ZeroTie after he witnessed his mother, who suffered from arthritis, unable to tie her shoes. As such, he set out to create a shoe that would better serve his mother and others who may have difficulties donning certain types of shoes, including those with laces.

With its patented hands-free technology, ZeroTie’s lace-free shoes have a self contained mechanism with a wheel installed in the heel of the shoe during manufacturing that removes the need to bend over and manually tie them.

To put the shoes on, the wearer can place their foot in the shoe, strike their heel on the floor and draw their foot back to tighten the shoe to their desired comfort. Consumers can also loosen the laces by pressing down a lever on the back of the shoe with the other foot and step right out of them. ZeroTie shoes also feature performance capabilities, including breathable lining, a water resistant leather upper, removable insole and non-slip bottom.

The lace free shoe options are available for men, women and children, ranging in price from $70 to $189.90. The Men’s Rocky Collection features styles including the Rocky Run ($119.90) for outdoor sports like hiking, running and walking, and footwear options for the golf course, including the Backswig Blucher Classic Fg WR ($159.90) available in men’s sizes 8.5 to 12. Comfort, convenience and style are key for the Women’s Rocky Collection that features the Fresh Breeze Whisper ($124.90) and the Fresh Breeze Lace Up ($100) for everyday wear available in women’s sizes 6 to 11. For kids, the Soft Point ($70) carries little ones throughout their activities and comes in sizes Toddler 11 to Youth 5.

ZeroTie joins other footwear companies, including Kizik Design, that are re-imagining shoes with their products designed for customization, functionality and comfort. In February, Kizik Design debuted a patented hand’s free sneakers for men that self-lace and conform to the shape of the consumer’s feet. Foot Activated Shoe Technology (F.A.S.T.), a virtually invisible technology, enables the shoes to work on their own without buckles, snaps or laces.

Smart footwear has also taken off in the industry, as consumers continue to learn more about wearables and major players, including Anatomic & Co. and Under Armour, have unveiled their own versions of advanced shoes designed to improve performance and health. According to research group CCS Insight, 185 million wearable devices, including smart shoes, are projected to ship worldwide in 2021.