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Bus Stop & All Black Reunite for a Perfume-Inspired Collection

What’s your signature? That’s the question Philadelphia-based boutique Bus Stop is asking in its second collaboration with All Black.

Bus Stop Owner Elena Brennan and All Black Designer Colin Lin teamed up to create the exclusive 12-piece limited edition collection of handcrafted lace-less oxfords, a silhouette instep with Brennan’s European roots. Each oxford is punctuated with a unique color combination inspired by signature scents found in iconic French perfumes.

Like eau de parfum, the line offers women a chance to find their signature “scent”, be it bold (a leopard and taupe oxford), delicate (a powder blue and dove gray oxford) or elegant (a metallic gold oxford). Style names include Miss D, Ange Ou Demon, J’Adore, Rive Gauche, Un Jardin, Chance Number 5, Faubourg 24, Mademoiselle, Black Jade, Crystal Noir and Portrait of a Lady.

The collection will be available at the Bus Stop’s Queen Village boutique and website beginning March 10 for $250. Bus Stop will host a launch party on March 10 with a special film screening of a behind-the-scenes look of the making of the collaboration. The film will feature footage from the shoe factory highlighting the shoes’ artisanal techniques.