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Linda Bean Calls Boycott Bullying, Trump Tweets Support

President-Elect Donald Trump used his Twitter account to protect L.L. Bean from a #grabyourwallet boycott. A tweet mixed with support and advertising was posted to his account Friday, after news leaked that Linda Bean, chairwoman and member of the L.L. Bean founding family, donated $60,000 to a pro-Trump PAC. According to MSN, the donation exceeds the individual donor limit of $5,000. L.L. Bean was trending for hours with consumers posting tweets filled with outrage and support for the brand.

Linda Bean spoke out against the boycott on Fox Business. “It’s bullying,” Bean said. “They want to control how we spend our money, what we buy, where we buy it. That’s wrong, it’s un-American.”

Linda Bean is no stranger to politics. She is a registered Republican, who ran an unsuccessful bid for Maine congress in 1988 and 1992. Bean joins the group of business leaders who support Trump’s promises to strengthen trade, jobs and increase imports tariffs. L.L. Bean produces many of its products, including the Bean Boot, in Maine.

“Thank you to Linda Bean of L.L.Bean for your great support and courage. People will support you even more now. Buy L.L.Bean. @LBPerfectMaine”, President-Elect Trump tweeted.

The Trump family has experienced its own wave of retail boycotts. Ivanka Trump experienced backlash from online #grabyourwallet protests. Canadian-based dropped Ivanka Trump’s self-named footwear line in response to public outcry. was the only retailer who dropped the First-Daughter’s line of shoes from its inventory.