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The Biggest Mobile Moves of 2016

Mobile sales comprised 31 percent of the $3.45 billion holiday revelers spent online on Cyber Monday. That’s an increase of 34 percent from the previous year, according to MarketWatch.

Numbers like these exemplify why everyone’s looking to mobile to augment softening brick-and-mortar sales. As stores look for new ways to entice consumers, increasingly, they’re reaching for their phones.

However, one fact mars the march toward mobile: m-commerce still lags far behind desktops when it comes to converting lookeeloos into consumers. Though it’s true that we spend much more shopping time on our phones (66 percent versus 34 percent on computers), mobile purchases only represent 19 percent of the overall online spend, according to ComScore.

But even in light of these stats, the industry isn’t content to wait for mobile to pay off. Brands and retailers are continuously looking for new ways to monetize mobile traffic by streamlining checkouts, monetizing social and integrating all platforms.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of the mobile moves in 2016.

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