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eBay’s ‘From the Collection’ Kicks Off With Heron Preston

eBay’s latest campaign is giving shoppers access to exclusive product drops curated by artists, athletes and entertainers.

The e-commerce marketplace has launched “From the Collection,” a series of product capsules taken straight from the closets of a range of tastemakers. The project was introduced with an exclusive assortment from designer Heron Preston, a Nike veteran who worked with Kanye West on fashion projects before launching his own streetwear label.

Sneakerheads will have the chance to bid on 50 pairs of Preston’s collectible sneakers, with offers starting at 99 cents. The assortment includes his first Nike Foamposites, his childhood favorite SF Giants Dunks, the Jordan 6 “Infrared,” Nike Air Max 95 collaborations, and the New Balance x JJJJound 992, among others. The grouping also features one of the first pairs of Yeezy 750s, dating back to Preston’s time working with West’s team on the footwear line.

Preston's collection features 50 pairs of sneakers.

Because the shoes come from Preston’s own stockpile, most are a size 13. While some are unworn, those that were used have been cleaned and revived by shoe restoration group Reshoevn8er.

The designer said he was driven to participate in From the Collection by a desire to give “life and purpose” to the shoes he doesn’t wear. “Collecting is not relevant anymore in today’s world if you aren’t planning on using what you’re collecting,” he said. “I feel that one of the worst things is to buy something and never use it when so much energy and love goes into creating it.”

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“Collecting with no intention to use is a left-over concept linked to materialism and unnecessary consumption,” Preston added.

All of the proceeds from the sale of Preston’s shoes will be used to fund scholarships and grants for young creatives through the Heron Preston L.E.D. (Less Environmentally Destructive) initiative, in partnership with the Fashion Scholarship Fund. “It’s important to me to support the next generation of creatives that care about imaginative and innovative solutions that reflect my commitment to sustainability and the environment,” he added.

Sneakers from Preston's collection.

Preston’s status in the sneaker space made him a shoo-in for the role of first From the Collection collaborator, Garry Thaniel, general manager of sneakers at eBay, told Sourcing Journal. “We at eBay recognize that Heron Preston is a true fashion icon, and so many sneakerheads would give their left foot to shop his closet,” he said, noting that Preston is also an avid shopper and seller on the site.

“With Heron’s history in the fashion and sneakers industry, along with his focus on sustainability, this partnership aligns with the unique, only-on-eBay inventory sneaker fans know the marketplace for,” he added.

eBay users have demonstrated an appetite for personality-driven drops, like previous collaborations with PJ Tucker, DJ Skee, Jacques Slade and LaLa Anthony, Thaniel said. These partnerships give users unique access “to some of the most coveted collections in the world.” On the site, “what’s happening in the world and pop culture is often reflected in what people are coveting, searching for and buying the most,” he added. “As a result, we’re always exploring new ways to bring exciting inventory to our platform that shoppers are most hungry for.”

The Nike Yeezy Z Solar Red.
The Nike Yeezy Z Solar Red. Courtesy

While Preston’s drop is decidedly sneaker-centric, the GM said that future From the Collection releases will include items from eBay’s other popular categories. “We hope to serve the full spectrum of enthusiasts on our marketplace from watches, handbags and sneakers, to trading cards and collectibles,” picked from the wardrobes of a range of recognizable talents, Thaniel said. “The premise of our From the Collection drops is not primarily focused on just sneakers or streetwear—it’s about celebrating the power of circular retail,” he added.