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What to Expect from Mobile Commerce in 2017

Mobile commerce has gained momentum in the past twelve months. Even though the new year is ahead, mobile commerce is expected to rule the retail scene. From increased shopper engagement to sponsored data, marketers and developers can still lock in consumers after the holiday season. Below are the most anticipated mobile commerce trends for 2017.
Consumer interaction

As the m-commerce market tightens, competition will increase to keep shoppers engaged. According to Fiksu DSP data, 87 percent of smartphone users use less than 10 apps daily and 77 percent are likely to delete an app if they keep receiving an irrelevant ad. Developers will have to tap into user preferences to really resonate with consumers’ needs.

“Finding a user’s lifetime value is just as important as having high app-install rates,” Fiksu DSP CEO Mel Jackson said. “It is critical now more than ever to use ad formats that both target and resonate with users most likely to use your app long-term.”

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