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From a Follow to a Sale: The Intangibility of Blogger Influence

Bloggers haven’t just earned a seat at the fashion table, they’ve earned marketing contracts and growing respect from brands and retailers. These self-employed fashion journos are no longer considered crashers to the party. Instead, they’re called “influencers” whose reach is sought after by brands looking to connect with consumers. But in fashion, where trends are as fleeting as a gazelle on the Savanna and margins just as lean, it would be nice if hearts and likes could be backed up with measurable sales. And that can be tricky.

“A couple years ago, bloggers were not accepted and now they’re overly celebrated,” said Harry Bernstein, creative director and founder of creative agency The 88, at New York’s Social Media Week. “But bloggers are an editorial voice. So as people are trying to figure out where to put their money, it’s definitely a selling point if they can hold up a result and say, ‘Look, oh my god! This got this many impressions.’ The nice thing about social is you can put numbers to it.”

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