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Google Reveals Most Popular Footwear Styles By Location

Retailers want to know what their customers want more of, and thanks to new data from Google, those in footwear retailer now have a better idea.

Think With Google, the search engine company’s digital marketing tool, has just published a new shopping insights map, which among other things is being used to divine what shoes are most popular where across the U.S.

Perhaps unsurprisingly in a year dominated by athleisure trends, Nike’s eternal Air Jordans proved to be by far the most popular style in footwear, with the greatest interest concentrated in southern states like Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

Climate proved to be one of the biggest determining factors when purchasing footwear. Those in warmer coastal areas like San Francisco were more apt to look for saltwater sandals, while those in wet areas like Eastport, Maine and Newport, Ore. were more likely to have looked at duck boots.

Trendy styles like espadrilles proved most popular near urban centers along the coast, including San Francisco and New York, while Fenty by Rihanna Pumas were most popular in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Searches for extremely high-end styles, like those by Christian Louboutin, were also concentrated to urban areas along the coasts, although they also proved popular in other areas including Houston, Texas.