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Importance of Truly Connecting with “Need to Know” Millennials

The millennial generation’s thirst for knowledge apparently knows no bounds. Take, for instance, the story comedian Aziz Ansari told Jimmy Fallon recently on The Tonight Show comparing his life to his parents—their arranged marriage in particular. He related how his father met and talked to his mother for just 30 minutes before proposing marriage.

“I thought, ‘Wow, that’s so crazy. That’s the biggest decision and he spent 30 minutes talking to my mom,” he said before adding, “I spend way longer than that researching where I should go get tacos for lunch. I will sit there and look on Yelp, and [read] every article, and text every person I know that’s ever eaten a taco like, ‘Where should I go?! I have to have the best taco!’”

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