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Manufacturing on Demand is the Future of Retail

In a world where almost everything is available on demand, it doesn’t require a great stretch of the imagination to see a day when consumers can simply 3-D print whatever they need or want.

Michael Fox, co-founder and chief executive officer of 6-year-old custom footwear company Shoes of Prey, went so far Wednesday as to declare on-demand manufacturing and infinite SKUs the future of retail.

A bold statement, considering he was addressing a room full of industry insiders at the American Apparel and Footwear Association’s (AAFA) annual executive summit in Washington, D.C.

“The change that’s coming to our industry will likely be quite similar to what happened in the book and music industries,” he continued, asking the audience to cast their minds back to what happened to both of those sectors when Amazon and Napster stepped up to the plate. “Books and music are really the canaries in the coalmine of what’s going to happen over the coming years.”

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