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These Were the Most Valuable Sneakers in Resale For Q2, StockX Says

In its quarterly look at the most valuable sneakers in resale with streetwear publication, Highsnobiety, StockX has once again revealed the sneakers that have driven the resale market over the past three months.

Most valuable sneakers by overall price

As sneaker resale creeps ever closer to the luxury category, especially with respect to price points, it comes as little surprise that three of the new sneaker styles were intended for the luxury market. That doesn’t mean, however, that Nike/Jordan’s place as the leader in sneaker resale is being contested. As usual, a highly coveted Air Jordan style, The Trophy Room x Nike Air Jordan 5, was the most expensive sneaker on the platform in the quarter.

According to Highsnobiety, the entire Trophy Room collection was restricted to a limited retail release of 7,000 pairs—and in the case of this particular “family and friends” model, only 223 were manufactured and handed out to Jordan employees. This natural scarcity led to the sneaker yielding an average resale price of $5,213 during the quarter.

The next two spots belonged to another Jordan sneaker, the Nike Air Jordan 1 “Charlotte Hornets Foundation,” either in black or white. Interestingly, the black style commands a price $1,200 more expensive than the white, averaging a resale price of $3,300 compared to $2,036 for the white. Both sneakers were designed and auctioned off to support the charitable foundation, again creating a scenario of artificial scarcity ideal for the resale market.

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Luxury makes its first appearance on the list at the fourth spot, with both the women’s and men’s style in Pharrell Williams’ collaboration with Chanel rounding out the top five. However, the luxury sneakers don’t sell for much more on the resale market than they did when released at retail. Both styles were originally available for $1,600 before being sold for an average of $1,985 on the resale market. Louis Vuitton’s LV Trainer “White” came in slightly behind the Chanel sneakers, selling for an average price of $1,499 on the resale market despite being sold for $1,150 at retail.

Not to be left behind, Adidas’ Yeezy sneakers make up the next three styles on the list. The “Synth Reflective,” “Static Black Reflective” and “Antlia Reflective” colorways for the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 sneaker all made the list, with average resale prices from $1,386 to $1,058. Finally, another limited release, the Nike Air Jordan 9 “Florida Gators PE”, concluded StockX’s list with a resale average price of $1,000.

Resale sneakers with the highest premium

As sneaker resale continues to get more attention as a genuine channel for alternative assets, several sneakers made their mark in Q2 by providing an above-average return on investment.

Again, The Trophy Room x Nike Air Jordan 5 led the category, thanks to an estimated retail price of $200 and a resale price of $5,213—a premium of 2,506 percent. However, that price was only an estimate based on the typical cost of a Jordan sneaker at retail and the model was never actually released to the public.

In terms of actual retail sneakers, Yeezy’s 350 V2 sneakers are the perennial leaders in this category due to the mass-appeal of the design and its relative scarcity, despite a price point of only $220. For example, the brand’s “Synth Reflective” style is typically sold on StockX at a number 530 percent higher than its retail price. The “Static Black Reflective” style also sold for 455 percent higher than its retail price in the quarter, followed by the “Antlia Reflective” style at a price premium of 381 percent.

Sandwiched between the three Yeezy styles is another Jordan style that was actually available at retail, the Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 1 “Cactus Jack.” With a retail price of $175 and an average resale cost of $988, the style is sold for an average price premium of 465 percent.

Resale sneakers with the most market share

Finally, the platform revealed the 10 sneakers that sold in the highest volume during the second quarter, indicating a top-heavy market still split fairly evenly between Jordan and Yeezy.

At a 28 percent market share among the group, the Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 1 “Cactus Jack” was the most-sold sneaker for the platform, followed closely by the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Black Non-Reflective” at 22 percent market share. Between the two, the sneakers took up half of the total market share on the platform among the top 10 styles in the second quarter.

The next three styles on the list made up another 27 percent of the remaining market share. The Nike Air Jordan 4 “Bred” 2019 took up 13 percent of the share and the Nike SB Air Jordan 1 “LA to Chicago” and the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Glow” each collected 7 percent of all sales among the top 10 best-selling styles.