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Rack Room Shoes Launches “Real People Project” Campaign

Rack Room Shoes has featured real people, rather than professional models, in its ad campaigns for more than a decade, but this year the footwear retailer is taking this idea to a new level in its Fall ’16 campaign.

“The Real People Project” is a new content-driven campaign which aims to celebrate the unique lives of Rack Room Shoes’ customers through more fully fleshed-out narratives.

“Whether it’s one of adventure, heartbreak or simplicity, all of our customers have a special story to tell,” said Rack Room Shoes Senior Director of Marketing Jan Mauldin. “We aren’t just featuring individuals and families, we are building a personal connection by exploring their remarkable everyday stories in an authentic way.”

Four individuals were selected for the 2016 campaign, the first of whom is Lauren, whose story revolves around her passion for performance, dance and meaningful relationships. Customers can now watch Lauren’s story on Rack Room’s website.

“The campaign is designed to create compelling and experiential content that celebrates our customers and encourages ongoing engagement with our online audiences,” said Mauldin. “We look forward to sharing the accomplishments and ambitions of the people who shop in our stores.”