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Report: NRF Releases Top 50 Online Retailers

The NRF released “The Favorite 50 2015,” an annual ranking of consumers’ preferred e-commerce sites, created from a survey of consumers’ online shopping habits.

The top three retailers were Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. Pam Goodfellow, director of consumer insights for Prosper Insights & Analytics, said, “Amazon has really collected a loyal shopper base.” She added, “Their history in customer service speaks for itself.”

While Amazon maintains the top ranking, online ads or text messages have proven more successful in driving Walmart and Best Buy shoppers to the online store than at Amazon.

Zappos, at number 31, experienced a five-place fall in the rankings, and it is notable that, simultaneously, Amazon Fashion has been building dominance of the apparel industry. Amazon’s apparel and accessories sales are slated to more than triple to $52 billion by 2020 and reach 14 percent of the market, according to a study referenced by Bloomberg.

Nike dropped two places in the rankings to 33rd, however, the athletic giant is the only branded shoe store to make the list.