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Report: Women Decide Shoe Purchases for the Entire Family

In the household battle of the sexes, it appears women take control of buying shoes and holiday gifts for the family.

A survey from found that women claim to be doing most of the shopping in a household in almost every category. The survey, which was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from Nov. 17-20, spoke with 673 adults from across the country from a nationally representative sample of 1,000.

The survey found that about two-thirds of women, compared to one-third of men, believe they are in charge of shopping for clothes, shoes and the holiday shopping. More specifically, 73 percent of women said they did most of their household shopping for apparel, compared to 23 percent of men who said they did.


“We are seeing all kinds of roles changing in the family: dads who are getting more involved in raising children and more dual-income households,” said Alexa Fox, an assistant professor of marketing at Ohio University. “It certainly does make sense that they are splitting some of those major purchases, while women still make some of the day-to-day decisions,” said Ohio University assistant professor of marketing Alexa Fox in the report.

According to Fox, the study indicates that while women are gaining more agency in the workforce, they still have oversized responsibilities at home.