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Selfridges Named 2014 Luxury Retailer of the Year

British department store chain Selfridges, was named Luxury Daily’s 2014 Luxury Retailer of the year for the way it used entertainment to establish itself as a shopping destination.

Saks was the first runner-up, and the second runner-up was Net-A-Porter for its creative multichannel campaigns to drive traffic in-store while getting people to talk online. All retailers are said to have worked to improve customer service and make the shopping experience fun and enjoyable.

“The Luxury Retailer of the Year award was decided based on luxury marketing efforts with impeccable strategy, tactics, creative, executive and results,” Luxury Daily reported. Candidates were selected by Luxury Daily’s editorial team, from reader nominations, and had to have previous coverage from Luxury Daily.

Selfridges has four physical stores in Britain, including its flagship on Oxford Street in London. The company is continuously inventive with in-store events including a walking chocolate tour through its confectionery department to a new cinema playing both new and classic films.

During the holidays, Selfridges launched Destination Christmas in-store, which included a Paddington Bear-themed pop-up, wintry restaurant and live entertainment. To get shoppers involved outside of the store, it created a mobile game that allowed them to play as a sales associate.

Selfridges has been working to expand its high-end fashion and jewelry, establishing itself as a luxury goods destination. It has also revamped its menswear offerings with in-store boutiques.

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“Working to become the largest and most comprehensive destination for accessories, Selfridges is investing $465 million in the department, claiming to be the largest investment in a single project by any department store globally,” Luxury Daily reported, adding, “Its handbag area will get an overhaul, doubling its size to more than 50,000 square feet, and will join its shoe salons and Wonder Room, creating an overall space larger than 100,000 square feet.”

The store has also invested in multichannel shopping by adopting click and collect technology. It relaunched its online store on Oct. 1 with a new look and touch-first approach.

Selfridges promises to invest more than $64 million over the next five years to its website, committing itself to making a “seamless, fulfilling multichannel shopping experience for consumers,” according to Luxury Daily.

The retailer’s gross sales in 2013 rose 10.4% year-over-year to $1.9 billion with an operating profit of $240 million, an increase of 12.3%. It credited its international expansion and investment in multichannel for its record year, which will remain a priority.